My Journey

I am the founder of “The Web Wizard Academy”. I created this website to help entrepreneurs like you establish a strong online presence easily and without any magic tricks.

Background and Experience in Digital Marketing

So, how did I end up creating “The Web Wizard Academy”? It all started when I was studying engineering. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the path for me and invested most of my time in sports. When the pandemic hit, I started working on projects related to sports and needed websites for them. I had no money, so I learned how to create websites myself.

Over time, I became pretty good at it and started creating websites for others. That’s when I discovered blogging and how it could help websites rank higher in search engines. I loved writing, so I decided to create a blog to help other people successfully launch their websites.

My background in digital marketing comes from my experience in creating three websites that generated over 100k in revenue combined. I also have an Instagram account in a small sports niche in France that has over 5k followers and is quickly growing.

The Challenge of Acquiring Traffic

Creating “The Web Wizard Academy” website wasn’t a challenge for me as I already knew how to use WordPress and followed a 6-hour tutorial on creating a website around blogging and affiliate marketing. However, acquiring traffic was a challenge. I made the mistake of writing about random topics, and my niche is very competitive. To overcome this, I decided to find three low-competitive subcategories in my niche and write tons of good content about them. My goal is to write 15 articles per subcategory as fast as possible to reach more than 50 articles on my blog. This way, I should be able to acquire traffic in those very specific subjects. Once I achieve that, I plan to widen my spectrum and write about more competitive subjects.

Sharing My Progress and Statistics

On this “My Journey” page, I’ll be sharing my progress towards my goal of having a high-quality content website that generates revenue every month. I’ll share my statistics, how I’m following my plan, and my victories and losses. My plan is to update this page every month.

Thank you for joining me on my journey towards creating a successful website. I hope to empower entrepreneurs like you, one website at a time, without any magic tricks.